Services overview

Tournier Home Builders take pride in working with our clients to support them through the challenges of building a new home, extending , renovating, or completing a range of home construction tasks including:











Additional services provided:

Detailed Scoping and Cost-Estimating When detailed plans aren’t available, the most critical component of a successful project is a detailed scope of work and a thorough estimate of costs. Tournier Home Builders prides itself on creating a thoughtful road map for a successful project, which starts with detailed estimating.

Pre-Construction Planning Prior to starting a project, Tournier Home Builders work with clients and our strategic vendors to ensure that critical building materials and fixtures are properly selected and promptly ordered to avoid project delays.

Project Prep-work and Site Management Controlling dust and potentially hazardous construction materials is a critical component of our deliverable. Since many of our clients have no choice but to remain in their homes during construction, we work to stringently mitigate the disruption of your home, with a particular focus on indoor air quality.

Client Management We take pride in our open communication with clients who are able to review schedules, confirm fixtures, review change orders, see pictures, and communicate whilst their project is being completed. Client meetings help to ensure that we’re building to the desires of our clients.

Quality Control Each project will be completed with a blend of Tournier Home Builders employees and dedicated subcontractors. Our sub-contractor relationships are based on partnerships that have been developed over time. The trust and experience built together over time enables us to ensure that our highest quality expectations are met at each phase of the project.

Expectation-Setting and Timely Performance Our ability to develop open and honest communication with clients (as well as our vast experience) helps us to set and achieve aggressive but realistic project schedules so that clients can better plan and manage their own construction experience.